Spindle and Dyepot Guild (Wisconsin) explores Teeswater wool

It comes as no surprise that food can be an incentive to stay for the whole meeting according to members of the Spindle and Dyepot Guild (Wisconsin). Bringing a dish to pass or a snack to share encourages everyone to remain, while increasing the number of ideas expressed and answers to questions raised and the amount of problem-solving that takes place. Wool from Teeswater sheep has been the group's focus this spring, with members reporting their results working with washed fiber. As it is a long staple, combing seemed to work best for preparation, though it resulted in a lot of waste. One member drumcarded the fiber, but found it difficult to spin the resulting batt into a fine thread. Everyone agreed it was soft and lustrous. Sample skeins of handspun ranged from laceweight to worsted-weight. One hundred percent Teeswater did not work well on a knitting machine, but when combined as a second color with another yarn, showed up in the fabric because of its sheen and resulted in a small purse that met with approval.

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