Spin for Socks 2018: Spin Off’s Second Annual Spinalong and Knitalong!

Two things happened on my social media feeds this week. Facebook reminded me that it’s been one year since my combospin article appeared in Spin Off and we hosted the related spin and knitalong. Also my post about my handspun, handknit Targhee socks sparked interest. So it’s time for our second spinalong! Join us and . . . Spin for socks!

What fiber should you spin for socks?

The main reasons why Targhee made for my own near-perfect sock-yarn spinning experience were: 1. the ease of spinning a controlled, very fine-gauge yarn, and 2. the deliciously dense fabric this yarn made when knitted. (Also of note: as fiber goes, Targhee is quite affordable.)

However, the single most important ingredient of any successful craftalong is inclusiveness. No one should feel left out; therefore, spinning Targhee is not required. Instead, please choose a fiber that will be a new-to-you sock yarn spin or one that somehow holds a special interest to you. Stash-diving is encouraged, as are conversations, photos, and questions.

For those of you who were driven by insatiable curiosity after reading about Targhee top spun and chain-plied as sock yarn and began your own spins prior to this announcement, we’d love for you to participate as well.

spin for socks

I have my eye on this top for the new #spinoffsalkal2018! Photo by Deborah Held.

Where is this spinalong?

There will be a thread in the Spin Off Knitters & Spinners group on Ravelry where we can chat about fiber choices and plying methods. More important, we can encourage one another to knit our yarns through to fruition. Also on Ravelry, be sure to start a handspun and/or project page with the hashtag #spinoffsalkal2018 to be included in drawing opportunities throughout the quarter. If you’re participating in the #spin15aday over on Instagram, please add our spinalong hashtags to your handspun socks-in-progress photos there, too.

spin for socks

Spinalong and knitalong details:

  • Try to spin a fingering to sportweight (about 12–16 wpi) yarn using a new-to-you-as-sock-yarn fiber, a fiber you’ve been wanting to spin for socks, or some other twist on your usual spinning habit. (I recommend Targhee, either superwash or not, or organic Polwarth as affordable, easy to spin, and delightful to wear, but these are just two of many wonderful options.)
  • Knit and complete one pair of adult-sized socks. (“Shortie,” or ankle socks, are allowed. Baby or kids’ socks will not count toward prizes.)
  • The SAL/KAL goes from now until midnight on March 31, 2018.
  • Post (as little or as often as you like) on Ravelry and Instagram using the hashtag #spinoffsalkal2018. You may tag the nice folks at Interweave as @interweavecraft and me as @dooder01. I’d love to see your progress!

Looking forward to seeing you all online. (I am also doodler01 on Ravelry.)


Featured Image: Spin for socks for you or a friend! Photo by Joe Coca

Start your handspun sock journey!


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