Spin-Off Winter 2016

Spin Off Winter 2016

Spin Off Winter 2016

If you’re reading this, chances are that sitting down to spin is a luxury for you.

We’re thrilled to have professional spinners—production spinners, teachers making samples, working artists—among our readers, but there are not many of our readers who spin to keep clothes on their backs and food on the table. (If you do, please get in touch. I’d love to know more.)

Compared with other indulgent hobbies (think yachting!), spinning is pretty restrained. Still, there are cashmere and silk and handmade spinning tools . . . or even the humblest of materials combined with the greatest luxury of all: time.

Sometimes it’s a challenge to feel that we deserve such bounty. Opening my bin of precious fibers and pawing through the little bags of yak, bison, and qiviut, I generally retreat to the comforts of very nice but not too precious wool. I’ve had a new spinning wheel and new handcards on the list for about five years now, but somehow they seem too indulgent—what I have works fine.

But everyone needs a little luxury. It doesn’t have to mean a big expense, but it means using “the good stuff” instead of saving it for some unnamed future. It means taking time to spin and letting the dishes wait. It means spinning the best you can afford and find—just a little bit (and then maybe a little bit more).

Spin happily—and luxuriously,
Anne Merrow
[email protected]

Pyrope Shawlette by Heather Zoppetti
Plainly Luxurious Scarf & Shawl by Sara Lamb
Textured Gradient Cowl by Jill Graham
The Last of Lucy by Amy Tyler
Handspun Lida Rose Socks by Anne Podlesak

Pyrope Shawlette by Heather Zoppetti

Pyrope Shawlette by Heather Zoppetti

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