Spin-Off Winter 2015

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Joan, a Border Leicester from Kate Larson's flock, page 39. Photo by Kate Larson.


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                    Wool into Stone Afghan by Amy Tyler


Winter Twilight Mittens by Donna Kay


Spinzilla 2014: Back With a Rawrrrrr!
by Constance Hall

Easy-to-Dye Cotton
by Devin Helmen and Patricia Santangelo

Make Your Own Mini Cotton Combs
by Andrea Mielke Schroer

Harry & Olive Linder: The Gurus of Cotton Spinning
by Irene Laughing Cloud Schmoller

Leicester Sheep
by Kate Larson

Naturally . . . Superwash?
by Cindy Craft

Australian Heritage Angora Goats
by Lill Roberts

Process Cashmere Fiber at Home
by Jill Graham

Surprising Suri
by Donna M. Rudd

Icelandic Sheep
by Beth Smith

The Down Wools
by Deborah Robson

How to Make a Dab of Lanolin Hand Cream
by Linda Ligon


Winter Twilight Mittens
by Donna Kay

Wool into Stone Afghan
by Amy Tyler

A Pair of Jacob Hats
by Leslie Ann Hauer


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