Spin-Off Winter 2014

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Handspun Veronica Pullover, spun and crocheted by Ulla Sandel, designed by Kristin Omdahl.


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A bead-whorl spindle that belonged to Ella Baker, from Judith Towers's collection, with a handspun cotton carrying case and a needlecase made by Ella and given to Irene Schmoller of Cotton Clouds.

Shrug It Off! by Joy Selby Cain


Behind the Scenes: A conversation with Kim Semler of Lucky Cat Craft

On Being Judgmental! Judging and standards from Northwest Regional Spinners
by Ann W. Klinect

Moths: A flock of sheep, a murder of crows, a fluttering of moths
by Allison Judge

Spinning the Unusual: Chinchilla, cactus cotton, and Spanish moss
by Jeannine Glaves

A Tale of Three Bamboos: How they spin and knit up
by Maggie Casey

Mercerized Wool: Enhanced luster and hand
by Joy Selby Cain

Saving Rare Breeds of Sheep, One Bobbin at a Time
by Deborah Robson

A Handspinner's Notes on Sampling a Mystery Fiber: Île de France
by Elizabeth Prose

The Feral Spinner: Evolving back to the basics of making yarn
by Debbie Zawinski

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep: Zwartbles fleece
by Marilyn Wright

Ella Baker: Think cotton
by Judith Towers

Enduring Color: Sally Fox, natural-color cotton, and the politics of diversity
by Kate Larson

Wishing on a SOAR


Shrug It Off!
by Joy Selby Cain

Zwartbles Shawl
by Marilyn Wright

Cotton Boll and Flax Flower Reticules
by Stephenie Gaustad

Handspun Veronica Pullover
spun and crocheted by Ulla Sandel, designed by Kristin Omdahl. An excerpt from
Blueprint Crochet Sweaters by Robyn Chachula. 


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