Spin-Off Winter 2006

On the Cover:
Kating Bright doodles with yarn on her crocheted and fulled llama hats. Photograph by Joe Coca.


Editor's Page
What's Going On Here?
As the Whorl Spins
Abbreviations and Glossary
Spinner's Connection
Product News

Finnish Kuvikas Tapestry Techniques

Linen Spinning for the
Shroud of Turin


Behind the Scenes: At The Rio Grande Wheel by Liz Gipson

Making Dreams Come True: Building a Little Great Wheel by Margaret Heathman

E-Spinning: How Online Groups Enhance the Craft
by Robin Nagle

Linen Spinning for the Shroud of Turin by Tanya Swegler

Fiber Basics: Cheviot by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Handspun Gallery of Sweaters

Fiber Fever by Kim Shapiro


Spinning Basics: Working with Silk Hankies
by Amanda Berka and Amy Clarke Moore

Finnish Kuvikas Tapestry Techniques by Corrinne Whitesell

Doodling with Yarn by Kathy Bright

A Heraldic Sweater by Aurelia Young

A Spindle-Spun Fair Isle Christmas Stocking by Kathleen Taylor

Making Real Chenille by Maureen McGinnis Patterson

Cheviot Mittens by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

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