Spin-Off Winter 2004

On the cover: Kaye D. Collins explores a new fiber available to handspinners—–paco-vicuña.


Behind the Scenes: At Schacht Spindle Company
by Linda Noble and Kaye D. Collins

An Online Guild
by Susan Landis-Steward

Materials That Speak
by Erika Navarrete

Random Connections
by Randy Chelsey

Fiber Basics: Paco-Vicuña
by Kaye D. Collins

Spinning Basics: The Long Draw  
by Carol H. Rhoades

Alexandra Ivanovna’s Distaff
by Sharon Hudgins

Handspun Gallery of Wraps

Spinning a Cautionary Tale
by Deborah Free

Projects & How To

Spinning Cotton for a Mimbres Tee
by Jill Holbrook

Three-Ply Cabled Yarn for Socks
by Susan Crawford

Twisted Scarves by Sigrid Carey
Sleigh Blanket
by Linda Heinrich

A Paco-Vicuña Scarf
by Kaye D. Collins


Editor's Page
As the Whorl Spins
by Liz Gipson
What’s Going On Here?
by Marilyn Murphy
Your Yarn:

Spinner's Connection by Peg Coffey
Classified Ads
Product News by Vicki Yost
Advertisers' Index
Abbreviations and Glossary

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