Spin-Off Winter 2002


Spin•Off Hits the Road by Liz Gipson

Dyeing with the Twisted Sisters by Lynne Vogel

How CD Spindles Can Be Seeds for Spinners by Susan Sullivan Maynard

A Qiviut Nachaq by Helen Griffiths Howard

Spinning Flax into Linen by Jude Daurelle

Spinning in Southern Madagascar by Sarah Fee

Handspun Gallery of Sweaters

My Otavalo Shirt by Kris Paige


Projects & How To

1 of 26 Scarf-Sized Swatches
by Rosalie Dittmann

From Sheep's-Head Slippers to Hobbit Feet
by Michelle Green

A Spindle Pretty Enough to Wear
by Syne Mitchell

Russian Mittens
by Susan Mancini

Sideways Garter-Stitch Gloves
by Hildy Danforth

Spontaneous Knitting
by Charlene Anderson-Shea

Lubricating Your Spinning Wheel
by Alden Amos



Editor's Page

What's Going On Here
by Linda Ligon
Your Skeins:
Spinner's Connection
by Peg Coffey
Classified Ads
Product News

by Sharon Altergott
Advertisers' Index

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