Spin-Off Summer 2016

Spin-Off Summer 2016 coverAt press time, we’re still recovering from our second Yarn Fest. We had spinners and crocheters and weavers, but it did my heart good to see spinners from all over come together for five days of camaraderie, shopping, and learning. Some are folks I’ve gathered with for nearly a decade.

Among the busiest spinners I met were the recipients of our scholarships. Interweave has facilitated scholarships to attend our events, including the SOAR scholarship fund. Knitting Lab, which also became part of Yarn Fest, had its own scholarship fund, and we began a new one at the 2015 Yarn Fest. All of these have been funded through silent auctions held on-site.

Earlier this year, a committee of Interweave staff and mentors pored over the applications from fiber artists hoping to attend. Choosing the eventual scholars was a challenge, but we were delighted to meet the talented women whose tuition was covered by generous donations from vendors, crafters, and mentors.

The 2016 scholars were: Cari Corley, spinning; Rachel Franklin, knitting; Denise Renee Grace, weaving; Naomi Morrow, crochet; Alayne Peterson, multicraft; and Christine Pfortmiller, multicraft. Of the six scholars, four participated in spinning classes. (At press time, we hadn’t received our group photo yet—watch for it online.)

“The hands-on in-person guidance was invaluable,” said spinning scholar Cari Corley. “I was able to finally learn how to complete some projects I’ve been working on at home . . . I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the hands-on learning that Yarn Fest provided.” Initially selected for her interest in weaving, Denise Renee Grace packed her schedule with spinning classes. She said of her experience, “Yarn Fest encouraged me to refine my expression in the world of fiber through new techniques, connections with people, and selecting scrumptious supplies in the market place.” She’s cooking up spinning and weaving projects, including one that will be included in next year’s silent auction.

As a member of the SOAR team for almost a decade, it was important to me (as to many of you) that the scholarships be continued. I had a profound sense of duty as part of the committee, and it was a privilege to carry that tradition (and those funds) forward to spinners improving their craft.










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