Spin-Off Summer 2005

On the cover: Active twist! Lynne Vogel's crocheted granny square vest puts a new twist on the granny square.


Behind the Scenes: At Howard Brush by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Time Warp by Stephenie Gaustad

Spinning Basics: Spindle Spinning by Maggie Casey  

Fiber Basics: Finnsheep by Grace Hatton

Handspun Gallery of Sweaters and a Waistcoat

Nora Meets Milan by Stephen Beal  


Projects & How To

A New Twist on the Granny Square by Lynne Vogel

An African Gourd Instrument by Vicky Hansen

Ply-Splitting for Wrist Distaffs by Linda Hendrickson

A Finnsheep Lambswool Lace Scarf by Grace Hatton

Sun-Kissed Dyeing by Jeannine Bakriges

Snazzy Solar-Brewed Half-Mitts by Jeannine Bakriges

Needle-Felting a Fulled Sweater Jacket by Sheryl Amaral


Editor's Page
What’s Going On Here?
by Marilyn Murphy
At the Whorl Spins
by Liz Gipson
Your Yarn: Cellulose and Protein!
Abbreviations and Glossary
Spinner's Connection by Peg Coffey
Product News by Vicki Yost
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