Spin Off Spring 2018: Letting Our Spinning Geek Flag Fly!

“Geek” used to be a bad thing. Not anymore. What does geekiness mean, anyway? Is it obsession with our favorite subject? Or wanting to talk about it to anyone who will listen? It’s time to say it loud & proud: We’re spinning geeks! And we’re going to let your spinning geek flags fly!

The single-minded focus that might have gotten us teased in elementary school now gives us the patience to practice new skills and try new fibers. Our eagerness to share what we know about our craft gives us a community of spinners and other fiber artisans. We wear our handspun, handknitted and woven creations as an invitation for others of our kind to strike up a conversation and maybe start an impromptu spinalong. If you look closely, other fiber enthusiasts are hiding in plain sight all around you!

spinning geek

American Revolutionary War reenactor Terri Drouin-Guerette teaches children about spinning using a trick she learned: giving a child a hooked stick to teach about drafting and twist. Photo by Vicki Miorelli

In the Spring 2018 issue, Spin Off celebrates our spinning geekiness by digging deeply into specialized subjects. Understand wool fibers on a microscopic level. Explore the three-dimensional effects of twist energy in knitting. Take a peek into the world of spinners who re-create the living conditions during the American Revolutionary War. Discover the legacy of Mabel Ross, who continues to be revered by technical and mathematical handspinners everywhere. Learn more about using your handspun for weaving. Kate Larson gives tips for spinning for bandweaving, Debbie Held defends singles yarn, and Stephenie Gaustad shares three of her favorite recipes for sizing your singles for warp yarn. Plus get inspired by our readers’ Your Yarns, which showcases yarns spun from souvenir fiber acquired on their travels.

spinning geek

Stephenie Gaustad suggests using warp sizing to reduce abrasion and broken yarns when weaving with singles. Illustrations by Stephenie Gaustad

What if you don’t consider yourself a geek? First, you can read “Signs You May Be a Spinning Geek” and see whether you’re fooling yourself. But even if you’d rather dip your toe in the water than jump in with both feet, you’re welcome here, and if you’re brand new to the spinning fold, we’re happy to help aspinnerate you. The more the merrier!

Featured Image: Keep your wheel oil, orifice hook, scissors, and more just where you need them with Kate Larson’s Spinner’s Tool Tote, which feature handspun, handwoven bands for straps. Photo by George Boe

Geek out on spinning with Spin Off!

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