Spin-Off Spring 2016

SP1603Is spinning an art or is it a craft? Depending on your perspective, “Arts & Crafts” could mean anything from the movement associated with William Morris to recess. Some spinners turn up their noses at art yarns; other spinners believe that spinning is inherently an art when practiced with intention. “Craft” could be a summer camp activity or the deep, practiced mastery that an artisan (there we go again!) takes pride in.

Let’s resolve to see the best meaning in these words, whatever your spinning style. Indulge your artistic spirit when you spin for your own Bay Leaf Bag, or hone your craftsmanship as you practice fine embroidery. Use your finely crafted blending tools to make punis that are works of art. There’s room for a little arts & crafts in your spinning life. (Come practice both with us at Interweave YarnFest March 31–April 3, 2016! The marketplace will include Foxglove Fiber Arts, Lisa Souza/ Weaver Creek Fibers, Susan’s Fiber Shop, and many others, and our teacher lineup makes me swoon.)

Spin happily, my fellow artists and crafters.
Anne Merrow
[email protected]


William Morris: The Red House Embroideries by Judith MacKenzie
Sublime Stitches by Kate Larson
Pretty Little Punis by Stephanie Stratton
Blending Board Tips by Deborah Held
The Joy of Drumcarding by Diane Cutler
Spinning the True Sheep of Chiapas by Maruch Sántiz Gómez
Ancient Techniques, New Connections by Tracy Hudson
A Lustrous Treasure: Silk in Mexico by Eric Mindling
That’s why they call it a drop spindle . . . right? by Abby Franquemont
Low-Twist Luxury by Jillian Moreno


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