Spin-Off Spring 2016: Even Better On the Inside

3-2-16-_AOn my first day as assistant editor of Spin-Off, one of my first tasks was to read the Spring 2016 issue. It was press day, the day when all the articles and designs are approved and sent to the printer. As a long time reader and fiber enthusiast, all I could think was, “Gosh this issue is pretty!” Maybe it was the cold January day, but as I took another look, no—it is just a darn attractive issue! But don’t be fooled by the appealing package: The real importance of the issue is the information inside.

From the riot of colorful punis that grace the cover to a story on the churras of Chiapas inside—who doesn’t love a good sheep photo?—the Spring issue rejoices in the art and craft of hand spinning.

3-2-16_BStimulate your creativity with a feature about a master of art and craft (and Arts and Crafts), William Morris. Judith MacKenzie arouses the urge to spin and stitch with her piece on the renowned designer. Kate Larson picks up where Judith leaves off by providing a primer on using your handspun for embroidery and a sweet little bag to practice on.

Unleash your artistic side, whether you use a drop spindle or a wheel, with inventive fiber prep. Stephanie Stratton promotes the power of punis with her step-by-step guide. Deborah Held and Diane Cutler deliver motivation to blend brilliant assortments of fiber on both blending boards and drum carders, elevating handspun to new heights.

Use your splendid yarns by crafting a spindle bag from your art yarn, weaving a cowl on a pin loom, or plying beads into your handspun as you knit.

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but in this case, Spring 2016 issue of Spin-Off is even better on the inside than the outside. Celebrate beauty in the art and craft of making yarn by hand.

Assistant Editor, Spin-Off

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