Spin-Off Spring 2009

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Top or Bottom Whorl, What's Best?
page 44.


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As the Whorl Spins
by Stefanie Berganini
Get This!
by Stefanie Berganini
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Clun Forest Set
by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Spinning for Needlepoint
by Sarah Swett


Behind the Scenes: At Magpie WoodWorks
by Bobbie Irwin

Armchair Traveler: London
by Diane Mulholland

Textile Words: An English Language History
by Sharon Collins

Dorothy Reade: Spider Woman from Oregon
by Donna Druchunas

High Whorl, Low Whorl
by Abby Franquemont

Your Yarn: Spindle-Spun Yarns pdf

The Handpainted Wheels of Monica Lenox
by Jackie Deems

Iowa Mennonite Track Wheel
by Kaye D. Collins

A Conversation with Elizabeth Prose and Carol Rhoades

Fiber Basics: Clun Forest
by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Handspun Gallery of Maine Morning Mittspdf

Lanolin for Healing pdf
by Suzanne Artley


Spinning Basics: Finding Balance pdf
by Jennifer Shafer

Spinning for Needlepoint
by Sarah Swett

Spinning Perfect Sock Yarn
by Judith Mackenzie McCuin


Clun Forest Set
by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Slotted Scarf
by Jillian Moreno

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More Your Yarn! pdf

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Intrigued by Kaye Collins’s article about the Mennonite Track Wheel? We’ve uploaded a video of one in action here: spinningdaily.com/trackwheel/

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