Spin-Off Spring 2008

On the Cover:
Wrap-and-roll yarns by Sarah Anderson, page 70.


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As the Whorl Spins
by Stefanie Berganini
Get This!
by Stefanie Berganini
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Cables: Demystifying the mysterious yarn
Cables: Demystifying the mysterious yarn, p. 46

Handspun Gallery of Shawls
Handspun Gallery of Shawls,
p. 88

Trinity Stitch Baby Jacket
A Cormo Trinity Stitch Baby Jacket, p. 76


Armchair Traveler: Midcoast Maine
by Anne Merrow

Behind the Scenes: At Chasing Rainbows Dyeworks
by Sara Lamb

Your Yarn! Exotic Yarns!

A Conversation between Amy Singer and Maggie Casey

Fiber Basics: Cormo
by Margaret Heathman

Handspun Gallery of Shawls

Fiber Optics and Yarns
by Diane Mulholland


Spinning Tips: Wraps per inch
by Amanda Berka

Spinning Basics: The effects of twist in plying
by Abby Franquemont

Cables: Demystifying the mysterious yarn
by Judith MacKenzie McCuin

Wrap-and-Roll: A soft-core yarn from a hard-core spinner
by Bonnie Rose with Sarah Anderson


Spun 2 Ways: Hats at any size and any gauge
Design by Ann Budd,
yarns by Kristi Schueler and Carol Huebscher Rhoades

A Cormo Trinity-Stitch Baby Jacket
by Margaret Heathman

Traditional Danish Tie-Shawls
by Dorothea Fischer

Two Camelid Tops
by Deborah Kaplan

On the Web

Spinner’s Connection

A video of the wrap-and-roll technique

More of Your Yarn.



We misprinted a web address in the Traditional Danish Tie-Shawl article, the correct address is http://www.lustauffarben.de/

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