Spin-Off Spring 2006

On the cover: Amy Tyler created six scarves using energized singles as the unifying design element.

Mother Nature's Footstool

Spinning Sock Yarns



Behind the Scenes: At the Merlin Tree by Laura Silverman

Of Sheep and Shipwrecks by Kate Langan

Teaching the Craft by Randy Chelsey

Fiber Basics: Coopworth by Carol H. Rhoades

Handspun Gallery of Shawls

When the Wheel Speaks by Angela Butera Dickson

Projects & How To

Spinning Basics: Plying Chained Singles by Dodie Rush

Spinning Sock Yarns by Merike Saarniit

A Spinner’s Cast-On by Rebecca Harmon

Park City Poncho by Carolyn Greenwood

A Study in Zig by Amy Tyler

Mother Nature’s Footstool by Pat Davis

Coopworth Lap Rug by Carol H. Rhoades


Editor's Page
What’s Going On Here?
by Marilyn Murphy
As the Whorl Spins
by Amanda Berka

Your Yarn: Charkha-Spun
Abbreviations and Glossary
Spinner's Connection by Peg Coffey
Product News
by Vicki Yost
Classified Ads
Advertisers' Index

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