Spin-Off Spring 2005

On the cover: Elizabeth Hubbard uses handspun yarn to create coiled baskets.


Behind the Scenes: At Lendrum
by Cindy Ellen Hill

Spinning Basics: The Short Draw  
by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

The Handspun Tapestries of Sandy Burstein
by Laura Silverman

Spindles and Flyers Guild Celebrates Fifty
Years of Spinning around Berkeley, California

by Susan Sullivan Maynard

Fiber Basics: Black Welsh Mountain
by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants  
by Judith MacKenzie McCuin


Projects & How To

Linen-Hemp Shirt
by Selma Miriam

Mountain Goat Slippers
by Pat Martinek

Humpty Dumpty Was Made of Hand-spun Yarn
by Deborah McQueen Coder

Cookie Cutters and Needle Felting
by Karen Emrey and Christine Gann

Nancy’s Favorite Hat
by Nancy Oakes

Handspun Coiled Baskets
by Elizabeth Hubbard

Black Welsh Mountain Fleece for Wrist Warmers
by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Spinning a Navajo Three-Ply Yarn to Make Colorful Crochet Bead Ropes
by Dodie Rush



Editor’s Page
What's Going On Here? by Marilyn Murphy
As the Whorl Spins by Liz Gipson
Your Yarn!
Abbreviations and Glossary
Spinner’s Connection by Peg Coffey
Product News by Vicki Yost
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