Spin-Off Spring 2001


Fiber Basics: Cashmere by Carol H. Rhoades

Merging an Ancient Art with a Modern Tool by Deb Erikson

Royal Highland Show by Deborah Pulliam

Restoring My Antique Spinning Wheel by Julie Bates

Handspun Gallery

Mona, the Dowager Queen of the Flock by Sherry St. Germaine

Projects & How To

Cotton Pillowcases by Rita Buchanan
A Handwoven Silk Vest by Heather Winslow
Plain and Simple Cashmere Gloves by Carol H. Rhoades
A Collaboration Between a Handspinner and a Sweater Designer By Jeannine Bakriges and Meg Swansen
Knitted Wrist Cuffs by Karen Bertino

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