Spin Off Magazine 2017: Kate’s Picks

I’ve always loved looking back through my copies of Spin Off Magazine. No matter how much time I spend with an issue, I can come back to it a year or more later and find something I missed. I think we often overlook ideas and information until we are ready to see them, which is just part of the learning process. Here are a few of my favorite articles from 2017:

Spin Off Spring 2017

“Woven Art: Weaving Tapestry with Handspun Yarn” by Rebecca Mezoff
I can’t get enough of Rebecca Mezoff. Her tapestry-woven works might be as big as a wall or small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Not only does Rebecca have a distinctive style, she is a noted instructor. I’ve enjoyed watching her use of handspun for tapestry develop and grow. Learn more about her practice!

Spin Off Magazine

Be gentle. Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Spin Off Summer 2017

“Get a Grip” by Mary Egbert
This article from physical therapist and handspinner Mary Egbert ought to be framed on my studio wall. Covering 10 stretches for handspinners, it is a guide for those of us who don’t follow advice and spin for too long without a break. You, too? Mary makes it easy to show our spinning hands some love.

Spin Off Magazine

Explore color mixing and spinning with Jolie Elder. Photo by George Boe

Spin Off Fall 2017

“Optical Mixing” by Jolie Elder
Optical mixing is something I wish was discussed more in our spinning community. How colors blend and are perceived (affiliate link) is something that impacts every painted braid we spin, whether we think about it or not. Jolie uses a limited palette to explore this visual phenomenon.

Spin Off magazine

Ready to cast on? Photo by George Boe

Spin Off Winter 2018

“Spindle-Spun Socks!” by Devin Helmen
While spending a summer in Germany with his grandmother, Devin learned to make socks from his great aunt Tante Fanni. I rediscovered this issue recently and immediately cast on a new pair. This pattern is wonderfully simple and perfect for travel knitting.

Spin Off has more than 40 years of articles, patterns, and inspiration to help you keep your spinning fresh!


Featured Image: Learn about spinning for tapestry weaving with Rebecca Mezoff. Photo courtesy of Rebecca Mezoff

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