Spin Off Fall 2016

For a very simple tool, the spindle has so much to offer. Portability, challenge, entertainment, and productivity—all are available no matter your skill level, budget, or spinning style. It’s no wonder that our contributors had a lot to say about the subject, and I can’t wait to hear what you think.

You may notice some changes around here. From a new logo on the cover to a new design in the articles, we’ve updated our look, just in time to mark our 40th anniversary in 2017.

We’ve tried to convey graphically what we hope to embody editorially: Firm roots in tradition and respect for the spinners who have come before us. Fresh approaches that engage spinners at every stage of their spinning journeys. A spirited connection, fueled by a common love of craft, that crosses boundaries. A sense of the delight and fun that spinning and spinners can bring.

Have you ever wondered how a writer gets published in these pages? Mostly, they email and ask to become contributors. We have a list of interested spinners who receive our Calls for Submissions quarterly, about ten months before each new issue. (If you’d like to be added, just send a request to spinoff@interweave.com.)
I can’t wait to hear more from you!

Spin happy,



On-the-Go Spinning by Devin Helmen
Flash Your Stash: Spindles by Jeannine Glaves
The Pangaea of Spindles by Amelia Garripoli
Spinning in Turkey by Judith MacKenzie
The Little Takli Spindle by Joan Ruane
From Bead to Whorl by Stephenie Gaustad
Taking Matters in Hand by Andrea Mielke Schroer
An Introduction to Kick Spindles by Carolyn Rivello
The Fine Points of Spinning Angora by Denise Williams
Bluefaced Leicester Crossbred Wool by Carol Densmore
Viking Sheep by Rebecca Marsh
Gotlands Journey to the United States by Martin Dally
A Walk in the Spindle Woods by Kathy Augustine
Spindles and the 3D Printer by Amber Beasley
How to Spin on a Great Wheel by Melissa Dunning


Swirling Shell Shawl by Jennifer Raymond


Editor’s Page
As the Whorl Spins
Get This!
Your Yarns: Spindle Spun
Ask a Spinning Teacher: Numbers by Amy Tyler
I Am a Spinner: Lisa Kugler

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