Spin-Off Fall 2011

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A nineteenth-century upright Swiss table wheel


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Jonathan Bosworth's Spinning Wheel Time Machine 
by Julia Farwell-Clay

A Wine-Cork Orifice Hook
by Jeannine Glaves

Persuasion Scarf
by Kirsti Johanson


Behind the Scenes: At Ashford Handicrafts
by Cindy Hill

Armchair Traveler: Denmark and Norway
by Pattie Graver

The Future of Custom Wheels
by Julia Farwell-Clay

Jonathan Bosworth's Spinning Wheel Time Machine
by Julia Farwell-Clay

My Grandfather's Wheel
by Jennifer Gruber


Spinning Tips: Troubleshooting
by Denise Jackson

Spinning Basics: The mighty changing orifice
by Jacey Boggs

A Wine-Cork Orifice Hook
by Jeannine Glaves

Developing Your Skills: Scotch tension
by Elizabeth Prose and Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Quick Fixes for Antique Wheels
by Pat Bownas
(including a Spinning Wheel Restorers resource list by Florence Feldman-Wood)

Correction: We failed to credit the source of the illustrations on page 54, 55, and 56 of this article–the illustrations on page 54 and 56 were pulled from the Spinning Wheel Primer by Alden Amos and should be attributed to John Kyrk and Bill Hersey. The illustrations of splicing a drive band were pulled from the Spinner's Companion by Bobbie Irwin and were illustrated by Marjorie Leggitt. The illustrations of the bearings were created by Jason Reid, based on illustrations submitted by the author.

Unexpected Treasures: Spinning silk carrier rods
by Judith MacKenzie

Fiber Basics: Stansborough Grey
by Talia Sommer


Seawall Scarf
by Elizabeth Prose

Persuasion Scarf
by Kirsti Johanson

3 x 3 = 10 Shawl
by Amy Tyler 

Stansborough Fleece Snood
by Talia Sommer

Handspun Gallery of Neckties
by Our Readers


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