Spin-Off Fall 2007

On the Cover:
Mohair and wool yarn from “Carded Color Socks,” page 100.


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As the Whorl Spins
by Amanda Berka
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compiled by Bobbie Irwin
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Green Lake Socks, p. 70

Minicombs, p. 38

Bactrian Camel, p. 50





Behind the Scenes: At Golding Fiber Tools
by Kristi Schueler

Armchair Traveler: Visiting Colorado’s Front Range
by Anne Merrow

Your Yarn! Sock Yarns!

A Conversation between Eunny Jang and Paula Simmons Green

Fiber Basics: Cotswold
by Deborah Pulliam

Fiber Basics: Bactrian Camel
by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Suri Llama Sublime: Designing Handwovens with Commissioned Handspun
by Amy Clarke Moore

Wishful Thinking
by Evelyn Clark

         HOW TO

Spinning Tips: Tying a 2-Yard Skein
by Pat Noah

Spinning Basics: Minicombs
by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Handspun for a Circular Sock Knitting Machine
by Susan Forsyth

Dyeing Silk Hankies: A Canvas for Color Work
by Kim McKenna

Carded Color: Drumcarding for Self-Striping Yarns
by Diane Cutler


Camel and Polwarth: Easy Spinning for a Soft and Cozy Cap
by Carol Huebscher Rhoades

Spun 2 Ways: Socks at Any Size and Any Gauge
by Ann Budd

Green Lake Socks
by Kristi Schueler

Carded Color Socks
by Amy Clarke Moore

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