Spin Off Corrections 2010


Undulating Scarf by Adriana Schoenberg, page 50
We’re very sorry about the incorrect directions for making a center double decrease. The directions should be as follows: CDI = Center double increase. The CDI is made into one stitch: Knit into back and front of next stitch and then knit into back of vertical bar between those stitches. Further clarification: Once you’ve knit into the back and front of the stitch, there will be a tiny vertical strand between the 2 new stitches–lift that strand and put it on left needle and knit into back of it.  The increase makes a total of 3 sts where there had been 1 st before. It’s a special double increase.

Drafting Techniques: The long and the short of it by Jeannine Bakriges, page 64
Jeannine Bakriges wishes to thank Elizabeth Johnson for modeling for her article, “Drafting Techniques: The long and short of it.”


Bobbin Lead, Flyer Lead, Single Drive, Double Drive by Abby Franquemont
The captions for the photos on page 44 are reversed.

Spinning Pleasantly Plump and Silky Singles by Judith MacKenzie
In the caption for the big photo on page 64, skein 2 is after fulling, and skein 3 is before fulling.