Spin-Off 2012, a preview

The Spring 2012 issue takes a look at Lincoln Longwool that includes how to make this dog leash and market bag.

In the Spring 2012 issue Jacey Boggs shares her very thoughtful exploration of the question, where does twist stop? Photo: Kitten Adventure Boggs.

What are we excited about?

Now that the New Year has dawned, I find myself not just looking toward the year ahead but diving right in. As you might imagine, working at Spin-Off, something new is always happening, and it is quite a journey for a spinner. We are always working on several issues at once. Right now our Spring issue is about to go to press. (It will start mailing out to subscribers the end of February and be on newsstands mid-March.) And articles and projects for the Summer issue are already arriving to be edited, photographed, and turned into the next issue on our horizon.

We are also working on a few side projects—new workshop DVDs (Robin Russo, Katherine Alexander, and Sara Lamb to name a few); new eBooks (collections that compile great content from past issues); a little fun at Lake Tahoe we call Spin-Off Autumn Retreat (SOAR); and two new issues of Jane Austen Knits for 2012, a lovely escape into feminine romantic knits. (Every time I pick up our first issue I dream of knitting on a sunporch with a warm cup of tea and the whole day to savor, but I digress.)

Back to reality (which can sometimes seem like a dream in itself for us spinners). 2012 is shaping up to be an exciting year for Spin-Off. Our Spring issue has a really fascinating article by Jacey Boggs about the mechanics of spinning on a wheel and how exactly twist is inserted into fiber. We have included two articles about recycling yarn from garments; imagine the treasure trove of awkward luxury fibers in your closet begging to be reborn into something you'd actually wear. We also have a very informative article about Lincoln Longwool by Deborah Robson and two really fun projects using the wool (a dog leash and market bag). Oh, and of course there's more, but I don't want to spoil all the surprise. (I will give one hint, there will be some very, very lovely colorwork knitting on the cover made from flick-carded locks. Yum.)

It is really great to have such a strong start to the year for Spin-Off, and we are sure the rest of what we have to offer in 2012 won't disappoint. Our Summer issue includes a look at spinning singles for knitting and crochet, a technique for Navajo plying while spinning singles, and a very informative article comparing Ann Budd's first handspun socks to a pair she made after taking a spinning for socks workshop at SOAR 2011 with Michelle Boyd. We will follow this up with a Fall issue exploring portable wheels and our annual natural fiber issue for winter.

It really is going to be a great year. I hope you will join us for the journey. Also, if there is something you would like to see in the pages of Spin-Off, let us know in the blog comments below or send an email to spinoff@interweave.com.

Spin on,

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