Spin and Knit in a Weekend

Is it spinning time yet?

With quitting time right around the corner, I’ve been dying to sit down at my spinning wheel. And because I should be working on holiday gifts, I need something both quick to spin and easy to knit—as close to instant-gratification spinning as I can get. I’ve narrowed it down to two from a favorite book on my shelf.

I have a penchant for losing hats, some within 24 hours of binding off, so I'm always looking for a quick hat to make. The Chutes and Ladders Hat is made with lovely bulky 2-ply yarn that Kristi Schueler Swickerath spun by tearing a batt into a lofty, chunky roving, then spun long-draw for soft, airy yarn with long color transitions. On size 11 needles, it will work up quickly (especially because of the addictive combination of cable pattern and dropped-stitch pattern). This is a hat I could easily spin and knit in a weekend.

The other thing I lose is handcoverings. One weekend last winter I lost two gloves, from two different pairs… both left gloves, so I couldn't even combine them. I have my eye on the Lace-Up Mittens, which Sara Lamb designed to work at any gauge yarn without a swatch. They begin with the sideways lace cuff and are then worked upward-the kind of simple but clever knitting that can be hard to put down. Depending on the weight of the yarn, I could spin and knit in a weekend or pull out some warm stash yarn and knit away.

I've been rediscovering an old favorite book, All New Homespun Handknit, which is full of projects designed for handspun yarn. Some are simple and some are exquisitely detailed, so there's quite a range.

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