South Dakota spinners are good with names.


Members of the Crossthreads Fiber Works Guild like a challenge. For the July meeting at the Museum of Visual Materials, the guild's program coordinator, Jessie Nesseim, asked the group to create a nametag inspired by a poem from the beloved Dr. Seuss.

Today you are you,

That is truer than true.

There is no one alive

Who is youer than you.


In the spirit of Seuss, Jessie gave the nametag challenge instructions in another poem.

Bright colors are a must,

Pink, Blue, or Rust.

Textures will help things pop,

Just as long as you don't stop.

Net, knit, or tat,

You could even use hair from a cat.

Make sure your name is seen,

And it should be larger than a bean.

Two inches tall by three inches wide,

Should be impossible to hide.

With a pin on the back,

There will be no need for a tack.

Using imagination is so much fun,

They will look wonderful when they are done.


Here are just a few examples of their personalized handiwork.

Jeanne knitted and felted the base for her nametag, and then cut it into a circular shape. Then, she machine embroidered her name onto a piece of cotton. To show another of her favorite pastimes, she added a needle-tatted butterfly.

Barb crocheted a triangle base with a long tail with small bells. She used alphabet beads to spell out her name and sewed them onto a small piece of black felt.

Jeannine quilted a patchwork design for the base of her nametag. She added a border and loop to create a lanyard. To finish, she added her name with hand-embroidery.

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