SOAR scholar Terri Williams introduces a new fiber fest in Washington


Terri Williams spins and raises sheep in central Washington State. Photo courtesy of Terri Williams.

For those of us who met Terri Williams at SOAR (Spin-Off Autumn Retreat) 2012 in Lake Tahoe, it is not surprising that she has been actively growing her local fiber community in the Northwest. As a SOAR scholarship recipient, Terri's enthusiasm and desire to create marketing opportunities for the fiber producers in her local area were contagious. Terri now raises Corriedale and Corriedale/Romeldale cross sheep on her farm in central Washington State and is active in the North American Wool Cooperative. The NAWC, led by Vicki Eberhart, is seeking to "create a sustainable fiber industry in the USA to last many generations."


Terri is now happy to announce the first Okanogan Valley Fiber Festival to be held on May 17, 2014, in Okanogan, Washington. In addition to vendors, workshops, and live musicians, fiber producers will also have the opportunity to attend a session on fiber micron testing. Not only will the day be filled with learning, but as Terri says, it will also be "a party of color and movement!" And if you have ever wanted to take a class from wheel maker Betty Roberts, now is your chance! Learn more about the event on Facebook



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