SOAR 2013 fashion show!

Spinning for a night out!

Announcing the theme for the SOAR 2013 fashion show:

It's a black tie and gown-less evening straps affair!

Yes, that's right–gown-less evening straps.

Mentor and long-time SOAR participant, as well as fashion-show diva, Jeannine Glaves suggested this theme (see her image below with the handspun bikini from SOAR 2005). Though, please don't do anything that would get you arrested (such as nudity in front of a crowd of 300+ spinners). See how tactfully Jeannine handled this issue? 

This is, however, a great way to show off your spinning in small and fun formats.

The SOAR fashion show is for spinners of all levels–don't be shy, timid, or afraid–after all–we are your people. And we love you. You can, of course, show other handspun items that don't fit into the theme–shawls, sweaters, hats, mittens, socks, scarves, yurts, etc.



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