Small moments to hold onto

Amy Clarke Moore has transitioned to her new job, but before she left she shared this bit of wisdom she learned from her young daughter. We all wish her the best in her new career with Great Work Inc., a non-profit organization that is working with Compass Montessori in Golden, Colorado, to create a training center so that others can create similarly structured preK-12th grade public Montessori schools.  

Enjoying what is before me

Amy's daughter Sarah stopping to look at a tree.

My young daughter walks along the sidewalk between the car and her classroom—marveling at each stone and fragment of debris on our path. I'm thinking about a meeting later that morning; worried I'll be late I touch her back, hoping to hurry her along. She picks up a rock and shows me how it looks like a cat paw. On other walks, she picks up heart-shaped leaves that have fallen from the cotton wood tree and tucks them into her pocket. I find them later with little small sticks and rocks when I'm doing laundry.

She found a delicate sugar maple leaf this autumn that was transitioning from green to bloody orange with tips of yellow—ran inside our house, excited to share it with me, so I put it on my desk after we admired it for a bit. It curled slightly as it dried, but held on to its autumn beauty. A couple weeks later she noticed it on my desk again and asked to examine it. She held it close to her face as she studied the veins and colors. I watched her intensity as she absorbed it—each of us marveling in the beauty of nature, treasuring the gifts, enjoying the moment.

Sarah making sure Amy sees the snow.

I love how she helps me see things I thought I understood with new eyes. I love how she helps me slow down a bit and live in the moment. I try to take these lessons with me as I carry on with my busy adult life filled with concerns of crossing things off my to-do list, meeting deadlines, and making sure we're ready for the next day. I remember her intensity and I can, for a moment, let the to-do list sit and allow myself to enjoy what is before me—whether it be the small warm hand in mine, the text from a friend, or a lock of wool, a fine yarn forming as the bobbins whirs, the process of stitches passing from one needle to the next, a wooly animal taking shape under my needle-felting needle, or the weft building up in the changing shed. May your day be filled with beautiful moments, too.

Happy spinning,

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