Signs You May Be a Spinning Geek

When I was a kid, “geek” and “nerd” were insulting labels your annoying classmates (mostly boys) called you. Today, at least three holidays celebrate geeks: Geek Pride Day (May 25), National Hike with a Geek Day (June 20), and Embrace Your Inner Geekness Day (July 13). I fell in the nerd camp then, but now I’m a true Spinning Geek.

When I learned to spin, I became obsessed with a subject that few other people knew about and befriended others with the same fascination. (Knitting, my previous obsession, was too mainstream to qualify for bona fide geekness.) Are you one of us? Here are 5 signs.

1. When you adopt a pet, you mentally evaluate its crimp and lock structure.

Bonus points if you select a house pet based on spinnability.

Spinning Geekes/Arterra

Hey, can I have that when you’re done? Photo: Getty Images/Arterra

2. When you count sheep, you name breeds . . .

and you fall asleep long before you run out of breeds.

3. You can draw a decent camelid family tree.
Spinning Geek

Are we third cousins? Or first cousins three times removed? Photos by George Boe

4. When you talk to your friends about Judith, Norman, Mabel, and Alden, they know exactly whom you mean.

No last names needed.

5. You take vacations with other spinners to spinning-themed destinations or events.

New Zealand, Peru, and England are particular draws. You’re more interested in the Shetland Islands than Westminster Abbey.

We think spinning geeks are great every day, but on July 13 take particular pride in your passion. Let that spinning geek flag fly!


Header includes images from Getty Images: busypix (glasses), DmitriyBurlakov (llama), Boston Globe (pocket protector), Ollie Millington (ears), Martin Konopka/EyeEm (bowtie).

The next level of spinning geekness awaits!


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