Sharing SAORI in Florida


The guild enjoyed Kathleen's presentation and beautiful textiles. Photo: Diane Drutowski.


Members of the Pinellas Weavers Guild (Florida) welcomed Kathleen Keenan, a SAORI weaver based in Sarasota, to speak at a recent meeting. Kathleen's studio, SAORI Weaver SRQ, is the first registered weaving studio in Florida dedicated to this Japanese free-style approach to weaving. "Free-style" is a concept that can feel a bit foreign to some weavers, and guild members enjoyed seeing Kathleen's beautiful textiles and learning about her take on creative cloth. Kathleen loves "very simple and 3D textiles," and as a handspinner and dyer, she is able to create many of the materials she uses in her weaving. In February, guild members will head to Sarasota for a two-day weaving workshop at SAORI Weaver SRQ.


SAORI weaving was developed by Misao Jo in Japan. As she was learning to weave in the late 1960s, she saw beauty and self-expression in the "flaws" of her early textiles. She began exploring and experimenting, eventually developing SAORI. To learn more about the philosophy behind SAORI and the dedicated instructors located in more than forty countries, visit SAORI Global.


Guild president Caroline Tacker helps Kathleen show one of her woven pieces to the group. Photo: Diane Drutowski.

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