Secret SantaSpinner-Style

What would you do with 4 ounces?

Photo: Kate Larson.




I have noticed that some of the most popular posts on Spinner's Connection are about guild challenges. The Batts to Hats challenge, for example, is a great way to focus our creativity while working closely with our spinning fellows. I recently read about the Great Falls Spinners and Weavers Guild (Montana) Fiber Exchange. Here is how it works:

Everyone brings about 4 ounces of fiber or yarn (for the weavers). The bags of fiber or yarn are placed on a table. Then it starts like a typical gift exchange-numbers are drawn, and members are allowed to choose a bag of fiber or yarn from the table. After that, members get to work spinning and weaving. At the June potluck, the finished handspun yarn, knitted, or woven item is gifted to the original owner.
Guild member Denise Jackson says, "For example, someone could get 4 ounces of dyed Merino.  They could create a shawl, a pair of mittens and a hat, a woven scarf, a small tapestry, etc. They could even create a needlefelted sculpture." Sounds like fun!


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