Seattle's Fiber Art Flash Mob


Spindle spinners at the Flash Mob. Photo courtesy of Fiber Art Flash Mob. 

Handspinners know how to have a good time! Photo courtesy of Fiber Art Flash Mob.

The scene from above. Photo courtesy of Fiber Art Flash Mob. 


Seattle, Washington, has a distinctive local flavor-full of mist and moss, used bookshops, and a thriving music scene. And much of the city's social texture comes from the cultural expression of the many people that call Seattle home.



Each Memorial Day weekend, Seattle hosts the Northwest Folklife Festival. For the last forty-three years, this volunteer-driven event has welcomed performers and artisans to share their cultural identity with the larger community. The first event held in the early 1970s featured over 300 performers-today they number more than 6,000. Hundreds of volunteers help to manage the nearly 250,000 weekend visitors. This year's event will be held May 22‒25 at Seattle Centeradmission is free.



In years past, an area was reserved for handcraft demonstrations, but changes at the event left artisans without a space to share their craft. Fiber artist Jill Green said, "I wanted to see them back and thought of doing the Fiber Art Flash Mob, presented the idea to Folklife, and they told me to do it." Last year was the first fiber flash mob, with this year's gathering expected to be even bigger. Any kind of fiber artist can participate, and Jill explains that it is a sedentary flash mobyou sit and do your fiber art in Seattle Center green space, surrounded by other textile flash mobbers. All are welcome! Jill has been spreading the word through the Northwest region's many spinning, weaving, and needle-art guilds. Learn more about the event on the Fiber Art Flash Mob Facebook page and Folklife Festival blog. Watch the Facebook page for updated info and contact if you have questions.



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