Roving Reporter: 2018 Was My Favorite Interweave Yarn Fest Yet—Here’s Why

Interweave Yarn Fest is one of my favorite events of the fiber year. The fourth annual event was held several weeks ago, and I’m still thinking over the happy days I spent with new and old friends. As I head to California for my next round of workshops, I’m wearing the new block-printed, Indian scarf I bought from the ClothRoads booth at this year’s Interweave Yarn Fest. It’s like a hug from the welcoming community of makers that descends upon Loveland each spring. I think this was the best Yarn Fest yet—here are two things that made this year special.

Interweave Yarn Fest

Airport Musings. Thinking about a happy Interweave Yarn Fest weekend while en route to the next event. How I love this scarf! Photo by Kate Larson.

1. Elizabeth Johnston!

Oh, how I love spending time with and learning from native Shetlander Elizabeth Johnston. She is making waves in the fiber world this year with a new book, The Warp-Weighted Loom, and a video, 50 Tips from Shetland Knitters and she was just named the 2018 patron of Shetland Wool Week. Her keynote talk was about her life as a knitter, spinner, and weaver; how she learned; and how she carries traditions forward. She brought a table-full of textiles for us all to swoon over, and swoon we did. She taught a round of workshops on spinning, knitting, finishing—what a treat to see her at Yarn Fest!

2. Maker’s Hub.

This year, the registration area was an epicenter of activity. It was a blend of good cheer, coffee, and some serious project contemplation. The fleet of swifts, ball winders, and tools at The Stitchin’ Den is a bit larger each year. This year also included a snazzy booth highlighting Interweave books, magazines, and videos. I loved seeing all the shiny covers on new releases mingled in with old favorites. This makes me happy as both an author and avid book-buyer. Every time I walked past, the booth was filled with folks flipping through books and adding titles to their shopping lists before heading to the vendors, including sponsors (and spinning retailers!) Eugene Textile Center, Lambspun, and Susan’s Fiber Shop.

Mark your calendars for the next Interweave Yarn Fest, March 28–30, 2019!

—Kate Larson

Featured Image: Before the crowds arrived, the Interweave booth and the Stitchin’ Den Winding Station got ready. Photo by Tiffany Warble

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