Room at the Inn

We still have a waitlist of a dozen participants who do not have a room for Friday night. The reservations manager at the Inn at Pocono Manor reports that it is possible but unlikely that more rooms will become available for that night.
More participants have made reservations for a single room than not this year, and from the electronic talk we’re hearing, it sounds like many of them are willing to accommodate a fellow SOAR attendee for that night. Bravo!
If you’re one of those kind souls willing to share on Friday night, your room rate and the person sharing your room’s rate would be reduced to the double rate, or triple depending on your existing room type and your generosity!

Room Rates:
Single: $128
Double: $113
Triple: $103

These rates are inclusive which means that all three meals as well taxes and gratuities are included.

If you are interested in sharing a room on Friday night, please contact Karen Brock at [email protected] and she can put you in touch with those still on the waitlist for a room.

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