Roller derby crafters and handspinners unite!


Hannah Barrett, like many spinners, wishes she could spend more time with her wheel. Photos courtesy of Hannah Barrett.

Meet handspinner Hannah Barrett, a textile conservator at the National Gallery of Australia. Several years ago, Hannah joined a four-week beginning spinning course offered by the Canberra Spinners and Weavers, an active group of fiber lovers in the Australian capital. Hannah shared, "I have always been a keen knitter and wanted to expand my skills base. Also, as a textile conservator I was very much interested to learn by experience how yarn is made using traditional methods." 

The roller derby crafters have a wide variety of interests, but many are fiber artists

Hannah is now a member of the guild but also spends time with another group of crafters and artisansthe Canberra Roller Derby League. She says that many of the skaters are fiber artists, but they also have ceramicists, jewelers, and woodworkers in the group. "We have had crafting sessions together, and it's great to socialize outside of the derby with a different common interest." Learn more about the league on Facebook.

As president of her roller derby league, Hannah was looking for a fund-raising project when she noticed that the Canberra Spinners and Weavers were also calling for fund-raising ideas. And thus, a unique craft fair was born. The Crafty Stitches event was held just before the holidays last year, was well attended, and was a great way to support both groups. 



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