Reviving Your Fiber Stash

Jillian Moreno

Jillian Moreno

How big is your stash of spinning fiber? How do you store it? Is there such a thing as too much fiber in your stash?

Jillian Moreno says that your stash is a reflection of you. It is a personal time capsule of your spinning aspirations and color preferences. Do you have an abundance of one hue?  Is there a shade that has lost its appeal? Are there braids and bumps that have started to felt? Jillian believes that wool is magic and that the path to revitalizing your stash is easier than you think.

Every once in a while, it is a good idea to drag out your stash, spread it out on the floor so that you can see it all, and take stock of your personal bounty of fibery goodness. Dive in and sort your fleece, roving, and top in one of Jillian’s five categories:

1. Keep:
This is true fiber love! You have plans for this fiber. No one can touch these tasty morsels.

2. Willing to sell or trade
The color is just wrong for you, or you just have too much of it. Your love for this fiber has waned. Let it go!

3. Unusable
The fiber has become felted and compressed to the point that it will no longer draft.

4. Transform
This fiber is still usable, but could use a makeover. Do something more with it!

How big is your fiber stash?

How big is your fiber stash?

5. Maybe
You still have affection for this fiber, but something is not quite right with it. On the fence? Keep it!

Sorting your stash is the first step to help you figure out what to do with unloved, compressed, or downright unusable fiber and make it come alive again. Don’t throw any of it away; revive it! By sorting your stash, you will be on your way to transforming your fiber collection and spinning up exciting new combinations of color and fiber.

Happy stash diving!

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