Respect the Spindle

This past June, the Spin-Off office had a special treat. Abby Franquemont flew out to Colorado from her fiber-filled house in Ohio to spend a couple days filming footage for two videos (the first one is already available). Stefanie Berganini and I were asked to be the audience—to give Abby someone to talk to while she explained the ins and outs of spindle spinning. On these kinds of days, I have to resist the urge to jump up and shout, "I love my job!"

Our creative director, Linda Ligon, had volunteered her garage as the studio space since we were just in the beginning stages of creating a video studio. The space was transformed into an unusual, but cozy spinning studio with a canvas back drop, ladders draped with skeins of yarn, and baskets of fiber, oh, and a couple of frisky kittens from the humane society (they are film stars in the Drafting DVD, but not Respect the Spindle).

Stefanie and I were instructed to be very, very quiet. No coughing or talking, let alone spinning or knitting while the cameras were rolling. We then sat back and watched mesmerized while Abby started swinging her spindle back and forth, a thin, even yarn growing magically from it.  As she walked us through the basics of spindle spinning, casually dropping hints for more efficient spindling as she went, the temptation to reach inside my bag for my spindle grew stronger and stronger. I had to glance down at it to make sure it wasn't twitching in the bag, ready to jump into my hands and disrupt the filming. You won't have that problem as you watch her DVD—you'll be able to whip out your spindle and follow along, perhaps pausing it to review a section over and over again until your fingers fly as gracefully and quickly as Abby's.



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