Pondering the Inevitable Question

12-09-15 aIt’s the question that every crafter hears eventually: “How much would you charge for that?”

At some point we all consider it. Could I be making money with my fiber hobbies? Should I try starting a small business? Some of us content ourselves with keeping our hobbies as hobbies, but some take the leap and pursue fiber-related entrepreneurship. It’s a big step, but the rewards are many for those who are successful. Who wouldn’t want to make money doing what they love?

Whether you’re in it for fun or profit, it is possible to turn your fiber hobby into a business. But, like any business, proper prep work is key to keeping things stress-free and avoiding hassles down the road.  Arming yourself with proper information before you begin may very well be the most important thing you can do. After all, in the words of Benjamin Franklin, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Taking the time to educate yourself and make purposeful, informed decisions about products, production, pricing, and many other factors will build a foundation that will serve you well as your business takes flight.

Over the years, Interweave has published many articles, DVDs, and other helpful tidbits related to fiber-arts entrepreneurship. Luckily, the new Spinning Business Collection has gathered many of those resources into one handy collection to make things easier. You’ll find great info how like to spin for production, how to price what you make, and how to understand the market so your products can thrive. It’s a great primer from respected industry experts that will help you hit the ground running. Whether it’s selling at a local market, starting an online shop, or something even larger, if you’re currently pondering the inevitable question, I highly recommend checking out this collection.

–Stefanie Berganini

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