Peachtree Spinners

The Peachtree Spinners (Georgia) take an active part in their state fair held at the end of September. Entries in the Fine Arts Division 2007 had more than sixty-five skeins and seventy-five finished pieces, taking three judges all day to evaluate them. At the First Annual Fair Spin-In Day in 2007, twenty-five people brought their wheels from Macon, north Florida, south Georgia, metro Atlanta, and Brunswick to create a spinning circle and kick off national Spinning and Weaving Week. This large, versatile group issues multiple challenges year-round to encourage members to explore, create, and learn new techniques. Their latest group project was “Fiber Poker.” Playing cards were made up into five suits listing a variety of colors, fibers, plying techniques, textures, and items to make. Participants had to use a minimum of four suits. Hands were drawn at their spring retreat and finished goods were due at the fall retreat. Wild cards featured their mascot pig named Scrappy, who has a long history with the guild and gives fascinating reports about her travels to fiber events in the newsletter.

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