pdf issues on the SOAR site?

I just noticed that we're having an issue with a couple of links on interweavesoar.com (the links for printable versions of the workshop and retreat descriptions, as well as the downloadable scholarship worksheet). If you've been trying to access these pdfs today but haven't been able to, they're back up and working now. The website where the pdf files were being hosted is having technical difficulties, so I've uploaded the files to the Free Stuff section at spinningdaily.com instead. The links on interweavesoar.com still work, but instead of having the pdf file open up right away, you'll be taken to a page on the Spin-Off site where you have to click the "download" button ( in the upper right corner) to receive the file you need.

Sorry for any inconvenience this caused, and don't forget that SOAR scholarship applications are due by March 6th. Thanks!

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