DIY Spinning Tools: Paper Bag Lazy Kate

I love my lazy kate. It folds up nearly flat and holds three bobbins at an angle, ready for plying. Sometimes, though, I need an extra kate to ply four or more singles. I’ve also eyed the scale when packing my wheel in a suitcase for a flight, wishing I could shave off the pound or two that the lazy kate adds to the bag. So when Sarah Anderson told me about her DIY paper bag lazy kate, I jumped at the chance to learn about it. A student in one of her spinning classes had developed the idea for a lazy kate that is:

  • Portable and packable
  • Affordable (almost free!)
  • Tensioned
  • Flexible in number of bobbins

All you need to make one is a paper grocery bag; long, thin knitting needles; elastic bands; and some plastic bags.

Sarah Anderson is as thoughtful a teacher as she is an ingenious spinner. Her videos, including Building Blocks of Spinning, are available from Interweave.

—Anne Merrow

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