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Summer spinning looks forward to fall

An unexpected find at the thrift store, in this case a paintball accessory holder, freed Liz's spinning this summer.

I don't know about you but for me the summer is the busiest time of year. My spinning usually slows to a crawl (or at least happens only in fits and spurts) and I am more likely to be knitting small handspun projects, or this year, weaving tons of little squares on my new Zoom Loom. (Did you see it in the Get This! section of the Summer issue of Spin-Off?) I'm sure many of you who have answered the siren's call of a pin loom can relate…

However, this summer has also seen a resurgence of spindle spinning for me. Thanks to a new small spindle and having found a travel holder at a local thrift store that fits both spindle and fiber easily. The case was originally intended to hold paintball accessories but is perfect for my purposes. Maybe some of you have these around your house? Anyway, it has been liberating to have a secure way to transport my spindle and fiber without fear of breakage and felting.

Adela Flores's crochet spindle holder from the upcoming Fall 2013 issue of Spin-Off.

My little thrift-score has been changing lives left and right. It inspired a project in the Fall 2013 issue (out this September). Designer Adela Flores saw my case in our offices and set out to make her own hard-sided spindle case. Crocheting handspun hemp top from Opulent Fibers around a plastic tube sourced from the hardware store, she has created a very handy little travel case that doubles as a wrist distaff.

Denise Renee Grace's patchwork pin-loom woven vest from the upcoming Fall 2013 issue of Spin-Off.

At the Spin-Off offices we are hard at work on the Fall issue, which has a focus on equipment. If you are looking for a wheel, we have updated our highly popular Fall 2008 spinning wheel round-up with stats on most of the wheels on the market. Lynn Ruggles has also have followed-up Jeannine Bakriges's Winter 2009 article describing the seven drafting technique with an article exploring the yarns that are created by each drafting technique. There are also helpful articles on how to stop your spindle from wobbling, how to pick the correct whorl to get the twists-per-inch you want, flick carding, and how to adjust your wheel for fine spinning. Besides numerous other fascinating articles, there is also a darling vest made with pin-loom squares (just in time for some of us!).

The issue will be out on newsstands in early September and subscribers will start receiving their copies in late August. As you can see, we can't wait to share it with you! Speaking of sharing, what spinning solutions have you found in expected places? I can't imagine my spindle case is the only one. Share your finds in the comments section below.

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