Northwest Pennsylvania Spinners and Weavers Guild

A 7-foot triangular loom made by member Jim Crytzer is now a focal point at meetings of the Northwest Pennsylvania Spinners and Weavers Guild. The idea arose when the group was demonstrating at the Edinboro Games last summer and decided to make shawls to sell. Having a finished item on hand would take the pressure off demonstrators working on a project while interacting with the public. To accommodate weavers when there are too few spinners present, the group began spinning yarn at meetings to have a supply on hand. Now a loom is available for members to work on weaving the shawls as well. The group’s 2008 guild challenge is to make a purse or bag at least 10 inches square by the August meeting. Both unspun fiber (fleece or roving) and yarn were made available to participants in three colors. The rules include using all three colors supplied though additional colors/fiber/materials may be added and participants can adjust the relative amounts of the three colors by trading. Dyeing the fibers and yarns took place at their September meeting and a “swap time” occurred at the December meeting. Each program in the succeeding months has focused on a skill or technique that can be used in making the bags including embellishment, cord-making with a lucet, and leatherworking. Any construction technique is acceptable as long as the bag is felted or fulled as one of the steps. Further suggestions for the project appear in the bimonthly newsletters.

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