New Year’s Spinning Resolutions and Realities

Spin Off has been sharing our spinning resolutions for years . . . but what’s that about the best-laid plans? This year, I resolve not to set myself up for failure. In 2018, I promise not to reach March with a list of broken promises and related regrets. Join me in making some New Year’s realities! Here’s what I promised to do last year, and what I’ll really do this year.


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1. Several times a year, I find treasures in my fiber stash that I had forgotten but still love, and I vow to use them up before getting anything new. But several times a year, I also find some gorgeous fiber I can’t live without (and so I don’t). Minimalism just isn’t for me! So when I find something really special and within my price range, I’m going to buy it and enjoy it, even if I set it aside for later. And when I find a forgotten fiber, I’ll greet it happily.

2. If a project has lost its allure and spinning seems like a chore, I will switch to something else without shame. It’s better to spin something fun than not spin at all (and avoid the room where my spinning wheel sits, imagining it judging me).

3. Except for taking stretch breaks to avoid spinning injuries, I plan to spend some weekends spinning while binge-watching (or listening! Other days, when the mountains (or friends) call, I’ll leave the wheel for another time.

Do you see the theme? It looks like I’ve resolved to give up the guilt and judgment around my spinning practice. I give you permission to do the same! (Susan Horton over in weaving told me to.)


Featured Image: Image credit: VOLHA RAMANCHUK/Getty Images

What are your spinning resolutions?

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