Natural Fiber Directory 2016

In a world where so much is synthetic and manufactured, spinners have a unique connection to what is natural and real.

Natural Fiber Directory CoverWhether you spin wool or alpaca, cotton or silk, you have a piece of the natural world running through your fingers when you spin fibers grown by a farmer, rancher, or shepherd. You have a connection to the earth and to the millennia of spinners who came before you.

Our annual Fiber Directory includes information about producers, mills, and festivals where you can have an up-close encounter with natural fibers. There is something very special about getting close to the source of your spinning fiber.

Meeting the sheep or alpaca that produced the fleece you’re buying, shaking the hand of the shepherd who grew it, or visiting the mill where it was cleaned and prepared for you is a fundamental spinning experience. (At Echoview Fiber Mill, this year’s directory sponsor, you can do all three!)

As you look through this year’s listings, plan your next visit to a natural fiber producer in your neighborhood or on the other side of the world.

Thanks to Echoview Fiber Mill for supporting the Spin-Off 2016 Natural Fiber Directory.

Spin on in wonder!

Anne Merrow, Editor Spin-Off

Spin- Off Natural Fiber Directory 2016

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