National Craft Month: Spinning Freedom on a Deserted Island

March is National Craft Month, and we are celebrating at Interweave with a blog hop (more on that below). The various craft communities from crochet to quilting were all asked the question, “If I were stranded on a deserted island, I’d bring…” As a handspinner, I know there is only one thing I really need—twist!

Spinners often travel with more gear than any other makers I know. We roll into workshops loaded with a spinning wheel, handcards, combs, (affiliate links) and more. If there is any free space in our collapsible, wheeled cart (affiliate link) complete with side table and drink holder, we will stuff the extra space with more fiber than we can spin in a month. This is a true story.

national craft month

With choices like these, how’s a spinner to choose?! Essential Fiber at SpryWhimsy Fiber Arts. Photo by Kate Larson

However, when it comes down to it, all we spinners need is fiber and twist. Spindles can be made out of a variety of materials in the environment, and there is always thigh spinning!

national craft month

A simple wooden spindle referred to as an Ahka. The Ahka hill tribe lives in the mountains of Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, and Yunnan Province in China. Photo by Kate Larson

I don’t need to take fiber to my deserted island—spinning materials abound! Humans have long used all sorts of flora and fauna to create thread, yarn, and rope. Spin Off authors have explored spinning Curly horse, Spanish moss, lemongrass, and even—gasp—asbestos! (Ben Franklin gave it a go.)

While I don’t need my 7 spinning wheels, e-spinner, and plentiful boxes of beautifully dyed silk, wool, and cashmere… I dearly love every tool and every lock of wool in my stash.

“What do you want to take to your deserted island?” This spinner responds, “How big is my suitcase?”


More About Our Blog Hop

For those of you that aren’t familiar, a blog hop is a group of blogs that participate in writing around a shared theme. You can then hop from blog to blog to learn and explore all sorts of new ideas and perspectives.

Our group decided to throw a blog hop in honor of National Craft Month, and this year our theme is “What craft would you take to a desert island?”. On each day listed below, visit that website and scroll through the most recent blogs posted until you find the latest blog hop post. Click and enjoy hopping around!

March 1 –
March 4 – Sew Daily
March 7 – Crochet (Interweave)
March 11 – Jewelry (Interweave)
March 13 – Weaving (Interweave)
March 15 – Cloth Paper Scissors
March 18 – Knitting (Interweave)
March 20 – Spinning (Interweave)
March 22 – The Quilting Company
March 26 – Needlework (Interweave)
March 27 – Beading (Interweave)

Image by Anastasia Kolchedantseva from Pixabay

Explore spinning around the world!


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