Moonlights Color Blending



This is a collective yarn using three months worth of fibers from MoonWoodFarm’s Moonbeam including Crystal Method (dark purple), Dream Weaver (gray-purple), and Frankincense (golden). First, I divided the fibers into two groups, so that I could spin two separate bobbins to ply together. I added a little more of the darkest purple to one bobbin so that when I start plying, there would be sections that overlaid the colors.

I finely spun the darkest of the purple, transitioning into the gray-purple and finally the golden tan. Afterward, I plied them together. Having previously offset the colors, they easily blending between color changes. For the last dozen yards, I created an Andean bracelet to ply every last bit.


               (Crystal Method and Frankincense Batts. Photos courtesy of Moonwoodfarm and CarrieLovesPuppies)



80 yards Dark Method
44 yards Dark Method/Dream Weaver
27 yards Dream Weaver
19 yards Dream Weaver / Frankincense
44 yards Frankincense


Here you can see the progression of color changes as it blends from dark purple to golden-tan on my swift.

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