Medina Spinning and Weaving Guild Dyes with Avocados

Avocados have been the focus of the Medina Spinning and Weaving Guild (Ohio) for their favorite summer activity, an all-day dyeing session at a member’s farm. Goldenrod, brazilwood, madder root, cutch, turmeric, and Iceland moss were on the menu of experiments. Inspiration for adding avocados came from the Fall 2002 Spin-Off magazine article on using the pits fresh or dried for colors varying from peach to red. Members were asked to buy an avocado in April, cut and remove the meat, wash the pit, then chop it into pea-size pieces to bring to the May meeting. Two members used the pieces to start the avocado “tea” in preparation for the annual June event. To make good use of the meat, favorite recipes for guacamole appeared in several newsletters.

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