Maybe she'll work spinning into her next novel

Traveling to the now via Woodpunk time machine 

Amy and her Woodpunk time machine. Photo: Sharon Scherrer.

My college roommate Sharon and her family came to visit us at the end of May—a western journey from Iowa. Sharon snapped this picture of me spinning one evening as we were sitting around chatting after dinner and posted it on Facebook. Jennifer Petkus, a friend from the Jane Austen Society of North America, Denver/Boulder region, commented on it saying "You look like you're sitting behind a woodpunk time machine." The comment made me chuckle…I have memories of Jennifer describing how her her mom tortured her by making her wear handmade clothes as a child. At JASNA meetings, she kind of shudders when I pull out my knitting, although she does send me  links relevant to Jane Austen and textiles. Jennifer's also written a couple of books combining her love of Jane Austen with her love of Sherlock Holmes set in modern times. So a comment about my "woodpunk time machine" is very fitting and I hope she can work it into her next novel.

After my initial amusement at the comment, I got to thinking. It is a time machine! When I sit at my wheel, I am transported through time—to a time when all yarn was made by hand. I'm also transported to a quiet, peaceful place within myself. When I spin, I can stop worrying about the dishes that need to be washed or the laundry that should be folded, or the garden that needs to be weeded—and just enjoy a little of time where making yarn and talking with my friends and family is what I should be doing. My spinning wheel helps me enjoy the now while it is happening. It is better than a time machine, actually.

Happy spinning,

P.S. Another way to travel through time is to obtain back issues of Spin-Off through our CD collections—the 2012 collection is now available.

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